Really random observations

The dog has taken to my odd sleeping habits. She is now trying to play with the dog in the mirror, then she will do her toileting before cleaning herself and jumping onto my pillow as I am about to turn the lights off.

Trying to get any work done at home seems like mission impossible lately. Focus and motivation has somehow gone out the window. Perhaps it is time to move on to something more challenging. Or at least something that is challenging not due to time constraints and unrealistic expectations.

Having many second thoughts about the amount of monies I have spent on leather goods this year. How come I can spend more on a bag than my couch? Second thoughts but not regrets. Now if only money grow on tree or I miraculously cash in next year's Aussie Millions. Wait, I don't even play poker anymore. There goes that thought.

My body is aching for reasons unknown. I have not done anything strenuous except for playing some basketball and sword wielding, Mii slashing game that we just bought. Suppose that was the reason, how unfit am I really? And what about golf. Speaking of golf, D's been emailing me golf tips and lessons video. He is not convinced I will go through with the whole nine yards. But it is hard here, albeit being a cheaper sport, the weather is quite a put off especially after a long day of work.

Seems like the dog has gone into fast foward mode and has done all of the abovementioned. Plonked on S' pillow, looking at me as if to say 'Mommy it's time to sleep'. I think I should listen to her and go to bed.
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Old habits

So apparently I am really bad at this updating thing.

And since posting something coherent is really not my forte, I have put together the many updates for the past month in bullet points below. This is really a job hazard, too many emails to people I know only by name - soon I will be updating this like sending out a communication piece. So anyway, here goes:-

  1. Settlement
  2. The in-laws arrived
  3. DIY-ed everything - painting, changing locks, cleaning
  4. Moved in
  5. A whole week off and ended up doing absolutely nothing
  6. The in-laws left
  7. Many dramas with Ikea and the "lost" doors
  8. Many dramas with Foxtel and the elusive IQ for the room
  9. Many dramas with Harvey Norman and the missing lounge set
  10. Fixed everything, except Foxtel in the master room
  11. Twittering becomes an obsession

  1. Quiet first week at work
  2. Project Hermes - this one is a nut job I tell you
  3. Settling in finally
  4. Coco finally got used to the house
  5. Gotten closer to some friends, drifted apart from some
  6. Golf!
  7. Decided to buy a new car
  8. Passed my Hazards
  9. Mad week at work
  10. Ebay addiction re-ignited, Twitter updates became more sporadic
  11. Got awesome last minute tickets to Wicked!
  12. Anxiously waiting for Min's arrival on Saturday
Multitude of photos sitting in iPhoto but I am not sure if I can be bothered putting them up. I am lazy like that.

More efforts will be put into this. I need to improve on my writing skills - I write like I am 15 years old. Tragic.
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If I had just one wish...

When I was just a little girl, I always wanted to be
  1. Be well traveled
  2. Speak in languages I don't understand
  3. Write as if words come to me like song and poetry
  4. Be beautiful and charming
  5. Be rich and exquisite
Lying here right now, I realize I would not give up anything I have today for all of the above.

Because I have everything I need right next to me. Love and happiness.

(edit) Reality kicked in, I wouldn't mind some moolahs to do up the house. lol (/edit)

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Prologue to a new beginning

Inspired by Elaine's post, instead of writing a lengthy post, here's 25 random things about the move:-
  1. Painting is a lot harder than it looks
  2. But anyone can be a locksmith
  3. Ikea is evil
  4. Period was late because I was over-stressed about everything, period pain is telling me off for it
  5. The fiancee is quite a handyman
  6. I love the personal space but I am missing the drinking sessions company already
  7. I actually miss going to work
  8. A nice big sofa is really a focal point of your lounge room, without it, it's not a lounge room
  9. I wish we painted the feature wall colour on all four walls in the master room
  10. I wish we had painted the feature colour black like we initially planned
  11. Premium paint is really worth paying for
  12. The hidden cost of moving into your own home is our poor shopping habits - we want EVERYTHING!
  13. Coco still feels lost and anxious after three days
  14. The spare rooms are fast becoming store rooms - who would have thought eh?
  15. We need to stop buying treats for Coco, she has so much we ran out of room to store them
  16. Ikea is really evil but I love it so much AND they just brought in a whole heap of new products........
  17. We didn't have that many things after all, that or this house is bigger than we thought
  18. I think we need to do up the guestroom properly
  19. Quite glad the whole renting thing fell through actually
  20. Still considering the whole renting idea, but not in the near future
  21. The ILs are really great but I can't wait to have the house to ourselves
  22. I should stop watching home improvements, decorating shows - too inspiring, not enough money to support the inspirations
  23. I have a feeling Coco will grow to be quite fat - all she does is eat and sleep
  24. That's what I have been doing a lot as well, eeps! Better get off my bum
  25. Cannot wait for my ADSL2+ to be connected
It's not that random and there's more I can list but I am too lazy and sleep time beckons.
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It is all about ME ME!

I had a long post saved in my LJ app on my iPhone drafts but instead of posting another whiny entry about dumb people, I have decided to do a meme as an update . From none other than FB.

Three names I go by:
1. Rae
2. RaeRae
3. Rui Nie

Three Jobs I have had in my life:
1. Technical Officer
2. Freelance Web Designer
3. Barrista

Three Places I have lived:
1. Metro Vic - South East to CBD to West
2. USJ
3. Shah Alam

Three Favorite drinks:
1. Skinny flat white, two sugars
2. Coke
3. Water

Three TV Shows that I watch:
1. Home Made - so inspiring!
2. ANTM Aust/US
3. Sex and the City/Gossip Girl/Gilmore Girls
(I sound so bimbo)

Three places I have been to:
1. US
2. Thailand
3. Sg/Aus - here, there, everywhere lah

Three places I would like to go:
1. Hong Kong
2. New York
3. London/Paris/Home - three is too little

Three favourite bands/singers
1. OneRepublic
2. Lily Allen
3. Leo Ku
(Not particularly favourite but they are on replay atm)

People that e-mail me regularly:
1. Winston Street peeps
2. Victoria Secret
3. Village Cinemas
(This is so sad)

Three of my favorite foods:
1. Char Kuey Teow
2. Pan Mee
3. Roti __

Three favourite moments:
1. Snuggling up to my two loves
2. Coming home to be greeted by Coco never fails to put a smile on my face (until I find all the half eaten toilet paper)
3. Unexpected phone call from a loved one

Three of my weaknesses:
1. Short-tempered
2. Impatient
3. Overly cautious

Three unfulfilled fantasies:
1. Shopping trip to NY/Paris
2. Making the final table in WSOP main event
3. Riding a really crazy roller coaster - you see, I am scared of heights

Three Things I am looking forward to:
1. June 18, settlement
2. August 1, Min's arrival - yay!
3. A trip to HK/NY/Paris soon-ish

I should go to bed now.
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I am sick and I want my Mommy.

Only when I am abroad and unwell that I realize how much I took my Mom for granted.

Being sick all this week, I really miss having someone to baby me. Cook for me, clean up after me and drive me around to the doctors.

I can't wait for the day all my family would be together, reunited and living in the same country again.

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Not Well

I knew something was up this morning. Weak knees, muscle spasms, feeling cold and hot at the same time - now I have a temperature.

I hate falling sick! Bah, better not be some flu crap that I have to be quarantined at home. Ugh.
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Monday Morning

Sipping hot coffee in the cold morning gives me a fuzzy warm feeling inside. Lily Allen, Onerepublic and F2TS is the odd mix on replay.

Weekend was good minus most of Sunday. Am slightly annoyed at the developments of the events revolving around a certain unfortunate alcohol fueled incident some weeks back. Funny how you can be standing on different sides of the fence when you are with different people. I supposed that's the blind faith you have for friends.

Am glad that we will have some private space soon. Not that I don't enjoy the company but sometimes you just need a space of your own to unwind, be yourself without being judged.

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